We are a trusted consulting company, that enables businesses and investors to thrive in Latin American.


Experience has taught us that in any type of business, costly mistakes are sometimes caused by ignorance, wrong assumptions, excessive pride, and occasionally, by bad luck.

Although there has been recent corrections on the near-future growth in Latin America (C-19), the expectations, in the long run, are of a quick recovery of this emerging region. There is a consensus that the "big three", Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, independent on the size, geopolitical and economic importance, they have made exceptional advances into the modern world of commerce in the past 30 years (we like to include Mexico and Colombia), and is expected to get back in track and keep that trend.

Simple intuition would suggest that due to these great advances, Latin America should be easy and
accessible to do business, but studies have shown that it is substantially more complex than you would expect. The geographic terrain, the infrastructure, the language and culture, and the political-economic climate are diverse and complex factors that must be considered when doing business in Latin America.

Although it could be intimidating to enter these markets, if you make the right preparations, research, and you get local support, the chances of success are dramatically increased, and the ROI is extremely high.

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Have you ever heard about the legend of the lost city of "El Dorado"?

We like to use that legendary story as an analogy for what Latin America means for us. El Dorado is everywhere, this is a continent full of opportunities and abundance, but with the wrong guide, you will spend your whole life (and your pocket) to get the ultimate prize.

Are you ready to find the Fountain of Youth? The Shangri-la? The Holy Grail?


We have the expertise, the network, the values, and a strong reputation, that will help you thrive with your business, in this complex but full of opportunities, continent.

here is where we come in!

Francis Mc Cawley Landi


Francis Mc Cawley Landi, is the founder and CEO of McCawley & Company®️ .

A retired Naval Engineer and C-Level executive, with more than 35 years of experience, who worked in the Chilean Navy, and Maersk Group for many years.

At a young age, he entered the Chilean Naval Academy where he was branded under the heroes' values - COURAGE, LOYALTY, HONOR, SENSE OF DUTY, INTEGRITY -, that later on would help him build a successful professional career in the shipping container business.

After many years in the corporate world, he decided it was time to use his experiences to give back as an entrepreneur and created McCawley & Co.®️ A trusted consulting company based in Santiago de Chile, that is focused on helping other companies build, open, and grow their businesses around the logistics and shipping container industry in Latin America.

Together with a group of seasoned consultants, covering key countries in LAM, he has embarked on a quest to help others to find "El Dorado".


Francis Mc Cawley Landi


Francis Mc Cawley Foster, is a Consulting Partner for McCawley & Company®️ .

A Psychologist with a Master's Degree in Consumers Behaviour from the Adolfo Ibañez University of Chile, and a senior International Manager with more than 10 years of experience in the shipping container and logistics industry.

Most of his experience comes from his years in Maersk, were he worked and lived in several countries in Latin America including, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Rep, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, which gave him the opportunity to build a strong network, market knowledge, and deep understanding of the local culture.

Currently, he lives in Miami FL, and works as BDM for Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc., which is one of the world's largest suppliers of fresh and prepared produce.


We make business with people that share our values, not with opportunities, so let's have an honest conversation and see where it take us...

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